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  • Resort

    An Unprecedented Diving Experience

    belize luxury island resort

    The first phase of Zophora will be an intimate collection of twelve oceanview suites enveloped in privacy by groves of mangroves. Wide boardwalks winding carefully in and out of mangrove forests and sandy coves take you on a peaceful walk to the grand pavilion where world-class dining, a PADI dive shop, spa services and an infinity pool provide ample opportunities for paradisiacal relaxation when you’re not out at sea.

    From the deck of your oceanfront suite, your view of endless turquoise sea and cerulean sky is broken only by the dark coral heads tempting you to explore below the surface as they disperse the lively waves. Slip on your snorkel, slide into a kayak, or just let your feet dangle in the calm, warm water as you reflect on your earlier dives.

    Take off with one of our PADI certified dive instructors to experience the profundity of the Great Blue Hole just 15 minutes away — a luxury adventure for other Belize travelers, the Great Blue Hole is right in your own backyard when you stay at Zophora. Also waiting just beyond the shores of our unique resort: the vivid cacophony of color and life at Long Caye and Half Moon Walls viewable from shore, in addition to hundreds of unbelievable scuba or snorkeling opportunities laid out across the ocean floor for the 200 square miles of Lighthouse Reef and beyond.

    Those too excited to savor the sunshine or snack on regionally-infused small plates during their decompression stop can head out on a deep sea or saltwater flat fishing trip or explore our extraordinary nature preserve by kayak. You'll add huge iguanas reminiscent of dinosaurs and rare feathered friends like the Red-Footed Booby to your collection of exceptional wildlife sightings while staying at Zophora.

    A brilliant sunset will call the captain back in, but there is still time to enjoy a sumptuous spa treatment or craft cocktail before dinner. End the night trading tales of adventure at our grand communal dining table over tropically-inspired food and drink pairings, enhanced with produce from our organic farm, or relish a dreamy private dinner over the water.

    Each day you spend at Zophora will be a naturally-inspired luxury adventure in which you are intimately connected to the sea.

  • A Master Planned Development

    The first 12-room conception of Zophora will exist as a launching pad for the completed sustainable resort and residence community including an expanded resort (approximately 30 eco-hotel rooms) and 100 vacation residences, as well as an extended spa, children’s center, retail, marina and additional dining options.

    PADI Dive Shop

    Our dive masters will possess a deep knowledge of the ocean, unmatchable passion for the underwater world and a kindred spirit. From the first-time diver to the most advanced, our mission is to provide exceptional access to the best diving in the world so that each and every individual to dive Zophora has a transformative diving experience — whether that means simply seeing the ocean floor for the first time with confidence, pursuing elusive and treasured species, or embarking on some of the world’s most challenging deep water and cave dives.

    Spa Services

    While underwater you are weightless and glide effortlessly, leave it to us to ensure you still feel buoyant and relaxed when back in gravity's grip. Our on-site wellness professionals can recommend an array of services that will have you feeling rejuvenated all vacation long.


    Combining the wisdom of our world-renowned master chef with the rich traditions and ingredients of local cooks, Zophora will offer a gastronomic experience unparalleled in Belize. The menu changes daily, always focused on the freshest ingredients at hand, including hyper-local, sustainably caught seafood, fresh produce from our organic garden and dry goods staple to the Belizean palate. Tropical herbs and warm spices enhance each plate, and a modern reinterpretation of local classics will reflect the rich history of the Caribbean and its diverse culinary influences. Choose to dine privately in your suite, candlelit at the water's edge, or in our open-air dining room where the focus is on community and celebrating the day’s adventures.

    Options will always be included for those with dietary restrictions.

    Organic Farm

    While only a selection of rare and sensitive plants thrive in the saltwater marshes that run through Zophora, a set of platform gardens enriched with fresh rainwater will provide year-round selections of refreshing produce and delicate herbs.


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