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  • Real Estate

    Sustainable Luxury in Belize

  • The Residences at Zophora will embody all the calming beauty and wild adventure of the Caribbean with a level of sophistication not yet realized in Belize. Zophora was designed for those who seek a luxurious ocean retreat where they can enjoy personalized service and resort amenities with the assurance that the island is being treated with the same delicate care. When you purchase a home at Zophora you not only become a steward of the incredible mangrove and reef ecosystems but a member of one of the world’s foremost sustainable communities.

    Our sustainable homes range from 1-4 bedrooms and 900 to 4,000 square feet; each is situated on an individually titled lot encompassing from a quarter-acre to a full acre of coastal real estate. Many lots include semi-private beachfront. Our award-winning LEED-certified architects have created exquisite home plans for Zophora that reflect the striking surroundings with elegance and ingenuity for a house in Belize that offers a lifestyle on the cutting edge of sustainable living.

    Gracefully-curving rooftops keep a low profile, allowing the island’s rare beauty to take center stage while providing wide-angle views of the Caribbean and other Belize islands. Each of our beachfront homes for sale incorporates passive design principles that minimize intrusion upon the natural environment while maximizing comfort. Inspired by delicate ship work, the open air design ensures each Zophora residence is situated to capture ocean breezes, provide cool shade and allow ample natural light to flood in.

    The walls fall away, revealing the rare mangrove system each home is carefully perched above and the endless turquoise expanse of sea beyond. The living spaces flow around central bedrooms in which air-conditioning is available, and every home is built with the finest sustainably-sourced materials.

    Belize homes at Zophora are not only sophisticated but designed intelligently to be sustainable. Each home will contain its own rainwater harvesting system and solar- and wind-powered energy generation. Capable of self-sufficiency but not reliant on it, the homes will also be connected to a private island resort grid. In the unlikely event of a potentially damaging tropical storm, the homes are designed so that they may be compacted into a central stormproof unit to sustain up to Category IV tropical storms.

    Homeowners will have a dedicated concierge and in-home services, as well as complete accessibility to all resort amenities and touring options, including our world-class dive center, secluded spa and inspired dining options.

    At Zophora, you live in the comfort of knowing you’ve chosen the best Caribbean island for your ocean retreat, and the eco-luxury lifestyle afforded by our master-planned sustainable development preserves the island in its pristine natural state.

    Fractional ownership options will be available.

    Lots will become available for sale in 2012. Contact us for more information:


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