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    At Amble's secluded, sustainably designed boutique resorts, your adventure-seeking heart, refined expectations, and global conscience can relax together on a private beach. Put your feet up, or use them to explore with peace of mind that our unique travel destinations have been respected in the creation of your adventure- and luxury- filled vacation.

    Isla Palenque

    Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama

    panama resort Be it gourmet organic meals, sun filled days on a secluded beach, adventures in our private jungle preserve or a day at open sea, your tropical passion will be fulfilled as you celebrate island life in a contemporary, chic setting where luxury exists in harmony with the wild jungle. Isla Palenque is 400 acres, twelve beaches and only sixteen rooms in Phase 1; you'll feel like a true Pacific explorer, while experiencing the supreme relaxation of escape.
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    Long Caye in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize

    belize resort Some of the world's most stunning dive sites are so close that you can see the reef wall from your beachfront suite. Perched within the complex mangrove forest, our boutique resort feels as though it is out at sea, floating towards the endless horizon as it fades from brilliant blue to a burning orange sunset each day. Whether a diver, fisher, birder or seclusion-seeker, there is something to raise a glass to while gathering in our communal lounge areas, which hold the stories of true Caribbean adventure.
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    Staying with us

    We are not here to tout hospitality standards – because your Amble vacation will not be one of standard experiences. Sure, we will greet you by name, ensure your comfort, and guide you to some of the most memorable days of your life – but we aim for more. We know we can “wow” you with amenities, and we will, but our passion is to enhance your life by bringing you closer to the extraordinary Amble destination that you have chosen. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, relaxation seeker, avid naturalist or family full of little ones, we will take care of you. Contact us to learn more about staying in an Amble Resort.

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