• Casey Siemasko & Daniel Moore

    Finalists: Judges Choice

    How do we want to change the world? We want to change the world by replacing ignorance and hostility with understanding and appreciation of the world we live in; we believe a tangible way to do this is by encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones and experience new places, cultures, and environments.

    From the judges panel:

    “I like that their love story is tied to travel and environmental interests. They have the ability to speak Spanish and sparkling personalities.”

    “I’m not sure what’s more charming – their story or the very supportive network they have that seems to rotate around their blog and travel experiences. They are personable and inviting, balance each other well and seem up for anything they can tackle together.”

    “For having traveled as extensively as these two, they seem very down to earth. You can tell that they don’t have a lot of production experience, yet their video was still very clean and tasteful (although next time, lose the Comic Sans).”

    “They seemed to focus on their travel experience, but I was really caught by their areas of study — international studies and environmental science — what a strong combination for Isla Palenque. Tell us more about what you’re going to do with that!”

    From our advocates:

    “What a cute and interesting engaged couple. They have tons of Spanish/green/media experience and they are fun and dynamic together.” – Hope Dlugozima, VP of Social Media, www.mnn.com

    Island Intern Thesis:

    35 Ways to Destroy Isla Palenque (and the world we live in)