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  • Amble Resorts

    Amble develops resort properties in places with striking natural, historical or cultural significance. Not to be mistaken as strictly “eco-development,” our comprehensive resort development process evolves from a detailed analysis of site and in-depth study of an area’s culture, history, people and future. Our goal: to gain a holistic understanding of the places in which we locate our resorts, so that we respect and channel the essence of the location throughout the development process. From the moment we sit down to concept a master plan to the day we open our doors and far into the future, we work to ensure that each resort we develop maintains the spirit of place we discovered there.

    We look to develop areas where new infrastructural improvements are already underway or planned for the near future, and in or adjacent to extraordinary natural or cultural settings such as national parks and historically preserved areas, which offer a wealth of activities for our adventurous travelers.

    Our current properties include The Resort at Isla Palenque in Panama and Zophora on Long Caye, Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize. We are also exploring acquisition and development opportunities in select Mexican, Central American, and Caribbean markets. For more information about our acquisition parameters and development process, contact

    Founder & President Benjamin Loomis

    Benjamin LoomisThe Founder and President of Amble Resorts, Benjamin Loomis, has two decades of experience in the architecture, construction, and real estate industries. Ben graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Masters of Science in Real Estate Development and a Masters of Science in Architectural Studies, and obtained his Bachelors of Architecture from Auburn University. Before founding Amble Resorts in 2007, Benjamin managed the development of over $200 million of residential and mixed-use projects, spread over multiple geographic markets and product types. He has also worked as an architect for Tigerman McCurry and other Chicago architects, and as a contractor and design-builder.

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